E-book Rebranding in the Works

I’m pretty excited about some of the changes coming up. Here are a few updates to keep you in the loop:

  • All of my previously-released e-books are being rebranded over the next month or so to tie them to the new 3 Beat Books brand.
  • I’m retiring my Web Writer’s Guide e-book at the end of November. You can save 50% on it until that time by entering discount code RETIREMENT when you order it through
  • The content from the former Web Writer’s Guide is being split up. Some of that content will be re-edited, updated, and expanded in a selection of shorter e-books to be released in the Query-Free Freelancer series through All Freelance Writing.
  • The first two new e-books in the Query-Free Freelancer series are due to be released this December.

There’s so much going on these days with 3 Beat Media and 3 Beat Books. New e-books, a nonfiction manuscript being edited before publication, a new novel manuscript in the works under Aria Klein, and quite a few new websites gearing up for launch. Check back here and the 3 Beat Media blog for all of the latest updates.

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