New E-book Cover Template: Share Your Feedback

In my last post I mentioned that I was in the process of handling e-book rebranding — specifically e-books for writers being moved to The Query-Free Freelancer brand.

Today I’d like to share a simple mockup for the new e-book cover designs. All e-books in the series will use the same template and later the print book’s cover will go to a designer (but its design will be kept somewhat in line with branding elements here).

Here’s the preview:

There were a few things I wanted to include or accomplish here:

  • I wanted to incorporate the series branding (the diamond badge you see there).
  • I wanted the design kept simple, in line with other books in the niche.
  • I wanted to keep some of the branding from the original website (the blue and green, although shades were tweaked — I considered adding or swapping in orange, but too many similar books used it).
  • I wanted the title and author name to be large enough that they would scale well and still be readable in smaller promotional images.

If you have any feedback or suggestions (such as further tweaks to the blue and green shades used), please leave a comment to share your thoughts. I’ll consider any suggestions that come in prior to the first e-book’s launch under the new branding (which should be next month).

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