Two Short Fiction Projects in the Works

I just wanted to update you on some of my current fiction projects. Specifically, I’d like to share some information on two new short fiction series in the works.

I’m writing a short story horror series under the name A.J. Klein, and I’m working on a children’s series under the name Poppy Andersen.

While the two genres are worlds apart, both series revolve around fairy tales in some way. The horror series is one I’ve wanted to pursue for years, so I’m especially excited about that project.

I won’t go into details about the stories themselves at this point other than a quick update on their progress. (I don’t like sharing plot and character details in too much depth before something is nearing publication.)

The first picture book manuscript for the children’s series has been drafted. The first horror short story should be completed by the end of this week. They’ll both go through initial edits next week, followed by professional edits. I’m not sure if I’ll send them to an editor right away or shelve them for a brief period so I can review them with fresh eyes first and make further changes.

In addition to these short fiction series, I’m still working on the first Murder Scripts mystery novel under the name Aria Klein. And I haven’t picked up on the first horror novel manuscript yet as planned. I’ve decided to delay that for a short time while I write and release e-book versions of at least the first few short stories in the genre. Farther down the road, I’ll release both an e-book and print book version of the full short story collection.

That’s where things stand now. You can learn more about progress on these and other projects by following the corresponding author blogs.

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